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Our Mission

Preserving the Essence of
Dementia/Alzheimer's Journeys

In the labyrinth of memories, we seek to capture the essence of those who once illuminated our lives. The mission is simple yet profound: to weave the narratives of those touched by Dementia/Alzheimer's into a tapestry that honors their spirit, even when the light dims.

To capture the spirit, body and life force of our loved ones suffering from dementia by telling their stories.

There are so many people touched, in one way or another, by this devasting condition.
Our Mission is to forever keep alive the memory of how they were before the light was taken away.

This is for our Frieda.

May we never forget her mind, her intelligence, her humor,
and, of course, her beautiful smile and grace before her light was taken.


We must support each other and never forget the light that she, and so many others, brought into this world.


A special thanks to Father Lima at St. Mel Catholic Church in Woodland Hills, California.
One candle lit during Mass on February 27, 2022, during the prayer for the sick, Father Lima stopped the Mass and shared with the congregation a brief story about Frieda.
This is how Frieda’s Candle Day was born.


On March 10, 2023, in Mechelen, Belgium, where Frieda lives, an extraordinary event was held at the Stadsschouwburg Theater. 

Team & partners

Frieda's Candle Day can count on the help and

support from a warm team and enthusiastic partners.

Frieda and her care team

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