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When Love Speaks!

 Friday, March 22, 2024 | Stadsschouwburg Mechelen 

Join us for a day of insight, support and celebration

Welcome to Frieda's Candle Day, a heartwarming event that resonates with the spirit of unity, love, and compassion. This day is a testament to the enduring light that dwells within the hearts of individuals touched by dementia and Alzheimer's, as well as those who stand by them. Amidst the poignant journey of those grappling with these conditions, we gather to celebrate the memories, the laughter, and the essence that define their lives.

'When love speaks' is a lovingly varied evening program with music, dance and word by many well-known Flemish and international artists who have a link with dementia.

Speakers and Testimonials
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You can also help

By participating in Frieda's Candle Day, you're contributing to a greater cause. Proceeds from this event will be directed towards supporting individuals with dementia, ensuring that their journey is filled with care, dignity, and respect.

Following the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the federal government puts a select number of additional events in the spotlight by awarding them the official Presidency label.

Frieda's Candle Day received the EU Presidency label in the category 'Culture'.

EU logo


From 1 January to 30 June 2024, Belgium will chair the Council of the European Union, with Mechelen as its host city.

As a dementia-friendly city, Mechelen takes into account the needs and needs of the inhabitants with dementia, their family and caregivers. Through various initiatives she makes dementia negotiable and supports people with dementia, their family and their caregivers. As a result, people with dementia can live at home longer, feel appreciated and remain a full part of the city.

Luc Appermont

Luc Appermont takes us on an enlightening journey, sharing insights and perspectives that illuminate the world of dementia and Alzheimer's, fostering understanding and empathy.


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Ingeborg RAW-ret.jpeg

Join in as we pay tribute to those who have illuminated our lives with their presence, even if their memory fades gently. Experience a series of moving obeisances that remind us of the indomitable human mind.

Heartfelt Tributes

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Witness the power of expression through movement. Experience a dance performance by Mrs. Alexa and her accompanist, a poignant reminder that emotions can be spoken through every gesture.

Dance of emotions

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Let music transcend the boundaries of time and language. Enjoy performances by talented artists like Connie Neers, Hannelore, Ingeboro, The Great Pretenders, Malinvox Choir, Trio Eric De Vos, and Sven Spev. Their melodies will resonate with the joy and essence of life.

Musical Journey

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Stadsschouwburg Mechelen

March 22, 2024

7:30 pm

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